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Fun Fact: Apple is #3 in the world in Game Revenue; Apple does not make games..

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Apple is #3 in the world in Game Revenue

Apple does not make games..

This is because, Apple charges 30% commission on in-app purchases across all apps..


Businesses have started accepting payments directly on their platform bypassing Apple. #EpicGames (started it), #Netflix, #Spotify, #Amazon followed.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of #epicgames#Fortniteee) filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple.

Apple countered by saying that there is not #monopolistic practice as the #Market" is not just the App Store (100% Apple owned) but also #PlayStore, etc.

Apple argues that If one does not want to use the #Appstore to install an app, they should buy a phone that does not run #iOS.

#Amazon does not care when it does the same to sellers on its e-commerce platform. And frankly speaking, today, sellers on all Marketplace platforms are feeling the heat of high commissions.

In India, #Zomato, #Swiggy, #Redbus, #FK, #AZ all have monopolistic practices and #GoI must intervene to promote fair play.

All previous restrictions on Marketplace businesses, imposed by the #Government of #India, were tactfully overcome by cos like #Amazon, #Flipkart, etc.

Time for a third wave of Government intervention to check monopolistic business practices?

Please share your thoughts.


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